Fonts tell a story

Why Do Font Choices Matter? Fonts tell a story Successful companies choose fonts that tell a story of their brand for them.  Appropriate font and color choices influence consumers’ feelings and connections with your brand. The font you choose sets the tone for the...

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Fonts 101

There are four main groups of fonts, each distinct and meant to be used for specific purposes. There are Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, and Display fonts. Body Text - Serifs and Sans-Serifs fonts They are simple, readable fonts meant for paragraphs and are used in books,...

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What is Brand?

The term“Brand" originated from the Old Norse word ‘brandr’ meaning "to burn."  It refers to the practice of producers burning their mark (or brand) onto their products. The oldest generic brand still in use in India since the Vedic period (ca. 1100 B.C.E to 500...

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