Branding creates recognition and sets you apart from your competition by clearly stating what your company offers and its values. It helps you connect with your customers emotionally and build trust. Brand colors are the most important aspect of developing your brand.

Psychology of Color

Basic human emotions are often expressed through color. Color and color palettes can directly impact a person’s emotion. Certain colors evoke moods or emotions that are both personal and societal. When we see certain colors, we can find ourselves instinctively more focused and interested in the subject, or we can find ourselves repulsed or uninterested.  For example, red is often associated with power and confidence, while blue expresses trust and integrity. Green color is associated with health, growth and nature and yellow is cheerful, happy and youthful.

Our psychological dispositions toward color are often harnessed for brand identity. It influences our buying decisions. Over 52% of customers decide whether to return to the store based on the aesthetics. 93% of consumers decide to buy things based on color. Color can grab attention and improve comprehension and thus help in decision making. Successful brands create a direct connection between what their brand stands for and what color(s) encapsulate those ideals and identities. For example, Puma, a sport’s clothing brand, chooses red (the color of power and energy), while NASA chooses blue (the color of ingenuity and awareness) Whole Foods brand is green to signify that its products are healthy.

Choosing color/s for your company is one of the most powerful things you can do to create your brand. It can express all the ideals your company represents, and can attract more consumers simply because they respond to emotions that the colors you chose represent. It can also make your company more recognizable, and stand out among your competitors.

The infographic in this blog post talks about the important aspects of color in branding such as PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR, COLOR AND EMOTION, POWER OF COLOR and delves into the BRAND PERSONALITIES.

Choosing the right colors is the simplest things you can do to establish your brand, while overlooking it can cost you dearly.  

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