Like teeth if there are holes in your marketing efforts you risk seeing a deterioration in the number of new clients coming to your practice.

Our free report will help you discover ways to fill these marketing cavities and assist you in getting new clients as well as continuing to connect and serve your current clients.




1. “What is in the name?”
Domain Name for your website

Choosing a great business name and making sure that same domain name is registered for your business is very important. Your name should be able to give a clear idea about the services/products you provide.

It is also a good idea to buy multiple domains with different extensions such as .com, .net, .us so that if people put the wrong extension it still brings them to the same website. It also protects your business from a competitor buying a similar domain and confusing your consumer.


2. Does Your MESSAGE Speak to Your Website Audience?”

Knowing why you are building a website and what you want to say about your company are the most important things to consider before starting the process. More importantly, understanding who your audience is and what they will react to positively on your website is key for attracting new business.

It is impossible to design, organize, or create content for a website when you are not sure what your message or objective is. In other words, how many customers do you want from your website and how do you want them to respond to your site? Finding a goal and centering your website around supporting that goal is a great way to start.