Is your business social?

  • Assess
  • Create
  • Manage

Social media has become a very important aspect of your online presence and helps you quickly communicate with your target audience. However it can be very confusing and time consuming. We help you piece the social media puzzle together.Assess: We have a discussion about your business’s current social media presence and research the current trends in your industry. We then design a strategy for your social media presence.

Create: Once we have researched which social media platforms are appropriate for your business and fit your budget, we design custom branded social media accounts for you. We also train you to use them

Manage: In case you can not manage them, we can manage your media accounts for you. We can do the posting for you and keep your social media presence fresh.

Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, Houzz and Pinterest are some of the more popular social media platforms.

We can help your business get social and get people talking about your business.

Social Media Marketing: Once you have your social media accounts set up we can help you market your business using them. Building your brand using social media is crucial for your business to succeed. We can help you run social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook ads are often a cost effective way to get your business noticed.

Contact us to find out how we can help you become social.